Check out the apps we offer on the Google Play Store. We are always looking for new ideas, if you have one let us know. If you suggestion for us feel free to contact us.

 Calving Calculator

Calving Calculator is a simple easy to use app that allows cattle producers to correctly predict both the return and calving dates of cattle based upon on their breeding date.

Cattlemen’s Toolbox

Cattlemen’s Toolbox includes different equations for calculating EPDs such as adjusted birth weight among others. It also includes the calving calculator and the rate of gain app integrated inside of it. If you have another calculation you would like to add let us know and we will give you the full version of the app for free.

Rate of Gain Calculator

The Rate of Gain Calculator does just that it calculates the pounds per day gained in a period of days. This app is very easy to use and is perfect for keeping track of those show steers.